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Organiser - Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club was originally founded in 1890 as the Hong Kong Corinthian Sailing Club, but in 1894 changed its name to Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC).  The club was founded with the objectives of promoting sailing and rowing.

Throughout its more than 125 years of history, RHKYC has been actively promoting rowing in Hong Kong and members of the club were founding members of the Hong Kong, China Rowing Association in 1978. The Club remains very active in the Hong Kong rowing scene and currently has 2 of its members training with the Hong Kong Team. At the same time the Club is delivering rowing programs to more than 10 secondary schools (more than 120 students weekly) as a part of its commitment to the community. Club members are very active in committee and volunteer work to facilitate a better environment and opportunities for rowing in Hong Kong. 

Co-organiser - Hong Kong, China Rowing Association

The Hong Kong, China Rowing Association (HKCRA) was established in 1978 and is the governing body for the sport of rowing in Hong Kong. It is affiliated to the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, and to the Asian Rowing Federation (ARF) and International Rowing Federation (FISA). It is also a founding member of the Hong Kong Water Sports Council.

The HKCRA organises and manages a wide variety of rowing promotion and development programmes, competitions and activities throughout Hong Kong. These include youth development, para rowing, indoor rowing and coastal rowing programmes, aiming to expand the sport of rowing at community as well as at elite level with the ultimate goal to achieve rowing for all.


Endorser - Hong Kong Water Sports Council

The Hong Kong Water Sports Council (HKWSC) was formed in 2013.  Members currently include the governing bodies of Canoeing, Dragon Boating, Life Saving, Rowing, Sailing, Triathlon and Water Skiing.

The objectives of HKWSC are to provide a joint platform for the promotion and development of water sports in Hong Kong, promoting the provision of water sports facilities, cooperation between water sports organizations and to manage or participate in the management of water sport centres.

The HKWSC welcomes applications for membership and affiliation from organisations and individuals who are interested in promoting water sports in Hong Kong.

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