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Race Format

Following the success of the 2017 Harbour Regatta, the event is back in 2018 with a similar format.  Sprint racing will take place in coastal boats, in a knock- out format, over a 600m course with one turn. Two crews will take part in each heat, with the winning crew in each race progressing to the next round of their event.

Event Offered

Coastal 4X+


Women's Open

Men's Junior

Women's Junior

Coastal 2X


Women's Open

 Open Master B

Women's Master B

Eligibility for each event will be based on the HKCRA status system and World Rowing eligibility rules: 

  • Masters B – Average age 36 or higher (calculated using competitors’ ages as of 31st December 2018).

  • A rower may compete in a Junior rowing event until 31st of December of the year in which (s)he reaches the age of 18, i.e. Junior competitors must have been born on or after 1st January 2000.

Race Course

The race will start and finish in front of the RHKYC Clubhouse on Kellett Island. There will be two courses, each of 2 lanes. The course on the Hong Kong side will be used for 2x races, the course on the Kowloon side will be used for 4x races. Each lane is approximately 300m long, each with a large marking buoy at their western end.


On being started by the umpire at the start, crews are required to race towards the buoy at the end of their lane. They will then turn around their buoy in a direction that takes them towards the the Hong Kong side of the course, and race back to the finish line (same position as the start line), a total of approximately 600m.


Entries close on Sunday 11th March and should use the official entry form that will be emailed to each club or be able to download under www.hkharbourregatta.com. Payment for entries should be settled in advance . Please refer to the official entry form for payment methods.

Entries will be charged at $150 per seat. Coxswains race for free.

Boats & Equiments

Boats, oars and any other necessary rowing equipment will be provided.

* For complete race information, please refer to the Race Notice which can be downloaded under the download section.

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